Up Your Game Chris Sarandon Academy award-nominated actor

I was willing to say I don’t care what you think of me any more. I have to do this

We are ecstatic to welcome Chris Sarandon to the Creative Blood Podcast. You might recognise him as the speaking voice of loveable Jack Skellington in Tim Burton’s, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

He’s worked with Hollywood royalty from Al Pacino and Goldie Hawn to Sigourney Weaver and Carey Mulligan, appeared in cult and animation classics from The Princess Bride to Fright Night and, he received an Oscar nomination for his role playing Leon Sherner in the 1975 film Dog Day Afternoon.

In this episode, Chris shares refreshingly candid anecdotes from a lifetime in entertainment, musing on how his professional and personal growth have always gone hand-in-hand. We’re talking empathy, collaboration, the art of 'the process' and what happens when a notoriously tricky director leaves you with only one option…

If you’re a movie lover, creative thinker, aspiring actor or simply wondering how to spend the next hour, this episode has got you covered. Dear listener, please press play for the incomparable, Mr Chris Sarandon!


Find out more about Chris @theofficialchrissarandon




  • Anecdotes from a uniquely lived professional life

  • Subverting expectation, as a second-generation immigrant

  • The secret ingredients that make a truly great actor

  • How to rise above rejection

  • Why taking time out can help reshape your perspective

  • The exchange between audience and actor

  • The importance of staying grounded in a sycophantic world


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