Leave No Stone Unturned Vincent Van De Wijngaard Fashion photographer & filmmaker

There’s always something new to be seen, to be found, to be investigated

Dutch Photographer and Filmmaker Vincent van de Wijngaard has shot for the likes of Vogue, GQ and Interview, among many others. His photographs and films have been collected and exhibited by museums and galleries around the world, and his feature-length film There Is No Blue Without Yellow and Orange, which charted the living and working environments of the painter Vincent van Gogh, premiered at the National Art Center, Tokyo, in 2010.

In this episode, with unwavering warmth and humility, Vincent shares how his investigative commitment to craft, coupled with a dedication to supporting next generation photographers, has been part of his bigger picture from day one. 

He passionately describes his roots in street photography, his collaborations with partner Saskia De Brauw and playfully shares his pre-shoot “practicalities”, offering a candid and rare insight into this celebrated artist's mind – for which we are most grateful. 

From fashion photographer to international creative collaborator, and everything in-between, the layers to Vincent’s world are right here to be found.


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  • Inside the world of an internationally renowned photographer

  • How a single photograph can inspire a career

  • The importance of finding the perfect location

  • The joy of artistic collaboration and its ability to re-inspire


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Hosted by Laura Conway
Produced by Josie Colter
Engineered & mixed by Ben Beheshty
Show music by Ben Tarrant-Brown
Episode image: Scott Curnow Baker

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