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In this episode of the Creative Blood podcast, we speak with the founder of Not Just A Label, Stefan Siegel, who is mid-road trip, parked up in a field in MARFA, Texas.

Refreshingly transparent about the highs and lows of his extraordinary life, this maverick-minded entrepreneur takes us on a mini odyssey through his career, and shares how the power of persistence has been vital to NJAL's global success, which now represents more than 35,000 designers in over 150 countries.

Stops along the way include him training to be a jet fighter pilot in the Italian Navy, and the life-changing decision to walk away from a lucrative career at investment bank Merrill Lynch (prompted by his lucky escape from a near-fatal car accident).

Stefan's unique combination of a strategic mindset and creative soul will leave you with the powerful reminder that we get one shot on this planet, so why not make it count!


Find out more about Stefan @the.siegel and @notjustalabel




  • Trusting your inner voice to make tough choices and take risks

  • Drawing on varied career experience to carve out a new path

  • Setting up a business from scratch that goes global

  • Breaking the mould and defying parental expectations

  • Navigating burnout


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Hosted by Laura Conway
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