Creative risk-taking to digital trash Chad Hinson VP of Levi’s Global Brand Creative Team

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Chad Hinson is the creative leader and driving force behind the world’s most iconic denim brand, Levi's. He never, ever gives public interviews. Until now!

A gigantic lover of culture along with an iconic list of creative collaborators past and present, Chad’s career began at the tender age of ten when he volunteered at his mother's interior design business and discovered the magic and freedom of being able to create something out of nothing.

A degree in fashion design at the University of Texas in Austin revealed that, while he loved fashion, he hated sewing and so he brought together a love of culture, music, architecture and art, and channelled these passions into a career that has seen him working with some of the top global retailers. And this is how he’s incorporated his passion for marketing, retail design and styling, right through to art curation, music development and so much more.



  • Knowledge from a creative at the top of a globally renowned brand

  • The importance of self-advocacy

  • How to turn bad feedback into a positive opportunity

  • Taking smart risks and how they pay off

  • Why Levi’s makes sustainability an integral part of their brand messaging


Check out our Levis' 501 campaign feat. Marcus Rashford & Peggy Gou HERE 

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Hosted by Laura Conway
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