Fierce Focus of a Creative Mind Alex Prager Award-winning artist & filmmaker

That’s what’s always led me to the next step - following the terror

Emmy award-winning artist Alex Prager is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker, whose work takes its cues from pulp fiction, film noir, and fashion photography. 

In this episode, Alex invites us into her creative universe and shares why her fiercely focused boxer mindset is so necessary. She reveals the moment that set her on a mission to create, how every art show leaves her a changed woman and why we should all follow our intuition. 

If this episode doesn’t encourage you to follow your instincts, feel the fear and do it anyway in the name of creativity, drinks are on us!


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  • How social media has homogenised aesthetic culture

  • The minimalist, distraction-free space required to do the work

  • Pivotal photography influences

  • The importance of DIY roots and personal networks 

  • Staying resilient in the face of disparagement

  • Why studying your craft is vital


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Hosted by Laura Conway
Produced by Josie Colter
Engineered and mixed by Ben Beheshty
Show music by Ben Tarrant-Brown
Episode image: Jeff Vespa

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