Power of the People Claude Silver Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia

I’m really stoked on the fact that I get to do this every day. I get to remind people that they matter

Ever wondered what a Chief Heart Officer might do?

Our guest this episode is Claude Silver, who supports over 800 employees within global digital agency VaynerMedia. There’s nothing in the world of advertising that this Chief Heart Officer hasn’t seen or experienced in her 20+ year career, and the candid anecdotes she shares are familiar, for sure. 

Consider this episode career coaching for your soul as Claude fills your creative boots with her game-changing approach to putting people first in business, why it’s our responsibility to teach others, and how to give creatives the opportunity to thrive. 

She’s one in a million and all yours for the next 34 minutes!


Find out more about Claude @ClaudeSilver / LinkedIn




  • Finding the job that harnesses your passions

  • Why knocking on doors sometimes works

  • The mindset needed to keep a major project moving forward

  • The role of the producer in bringing the right creative minds together and turning concept into reality


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Hosted by Laura Conway
Produced by Josie Colter
Engineered and mixed by Ben Beheshty
Show music by Ben Tarrant-Brown
Episode image: courtesy Claude Silver

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