Vanessa Lewis Jones


Alongside producing across a variety of shoots, Vanessa brings her voracious appetite for all things visual into every project she works on.

And since graduating from APA Masterclass, she continues to build on her passion for creating solid teams and logistics behind the scenes, for both stills and motion productions.

Heads-up, she’s waiting for a brief that requires shooting on location in Mexico, taking her back to her roots ;)

In her downtime Vanessa stays busy running, drawing, reading and, her latest pursuit – learning Korean.

If I could have one super power I’ able to speak any language

I am happiest when...I have pencil and paper to hand and I can just draw

The best location I’ve ever visited for work...was a beautiful house wedged into the side of a cliff on the English coast. The view was stunning, overlooking a deep blue sea. When sunset came, it drenched the white cliffs pink.

One of my all-time favourite film scenes Little Miss Sunshine – when Olive lets loose and performs her secret dance routine...pure joy!

Someone I’ve always dreamed of working with is...the duo dream team: Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. We’d finally make the third season of The OA (the greatest show ever)

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