Sascha Behrendt

Contributing Writer

Sascha brings a deep passion and understanding of craft to her interviews and their subjects. With wide-spanning experience working inside fashion and photography, she was a photography agent and creative director before pivoting towards her two major loves – art and writing.

Having lived in Paris, Berlin and New York for many years – which fed an ever-increasing curiosity about people and what makes them tick – Sascha now writes on arts and culture in the UK and US, and is a regular contributor to the LA art site, Curator. She is currently working on a comedy thriller novel.

Someone I’ve always dreamed of working with is...the New York extraordinary curator and writer, Hilton Als.

My current obsession up Malaysian Laksa noodles. 

My dream dinner party guest would be...feminist Austrian artist, Valie Export. She’s smart, funny and fearless. Turned herself into an ironic brand. A lady way ahead of her time.

When I get a creative block, I...switch to doing something completely different that I love. And then come back to it.

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