Sarah Thompson

Production Director & Head of Commissioning

Hailing from Australia, Sarah brings her unique love of craft, curation and technical know-how to lead the production team here at Creative Blood. Having worked at TVC production companies, ad agencies, and artist management here in the UK and back home, her experience paints the perfect picture to her approach.

A 360° expert thinker and doer, on a daily basis you’ll find Sarah navigating clients and creative collaborators through the inevitable sticky stages and it's totally where she comes into her own. Alongside leading on campaigns, content and special projects across our fashion, luxury, sport and lifestyle clients, Art Buying and commissioning talent behind the lens, has become a significant part of Sarah’s day. She loves nothing more than discovering the new and next - or as she affectionately describes it... “going down a rabbit hole”! 

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The best location I've ever visited for work...I'd say it's a tie between being stuck at sea in the Caribbean during covid, or 2000m-high in the sky in the Swiss Alps, waking up every day to snow-capped mountains. Honestly I thought I hated the snow, but that place converted me...even when shooting conditions turned to a blizzard!

Something you didn't know, but should know about me weapon of choice depending on the time of day: Double juice....spicy margarita....

One thing that constantly surprises me is...Parenting. Just when you think you've cracked a code, everything changes. 

Someone I've always dreamed of working with...Peter Lindbergh was always that person for me. 

When I need a new perspective I...dive in the ocean, or walk along the beach with my feet in the wet sand and sea lapping at my ankles. Water cures all. Every. Single. Time.

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