Jaz Rai-Green

Office Manager

Welcoming you into our office and studio is where you’ll meet Jaz. 

On the inside, she’s our practical and knowledgeable set of eyes and ears, supporting the team across everything from international courier madness to team birthday purchases and everything in between. A proud mother of three, she’s an avid theatre goer, passionately follows UK and US politics and loves nothing more than going on long walks in the countryside!

I'm happiest when...I'm walking in nature with people I love.

One of my all time favourite film scenes is...the skateboarding scene in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

My mantra is...enjoy the highs and remember the lows will pass.

Someone who influenced my life was...me. I did it and have no one to blame.

1x1 Jaz

Jaz Loves