Annie Godwin-Austen

Production Assistant

Spinning multiple plates within the team, Annie can be found both on-set and behind the scenes. We’re talking everything from uploading our client work onto CB socials, to sourcing licence-free imagery for contributing guest “loves”, to packing production kits and supporting the teams on pre-production. 

A London born-and-bred creative with a keen interest in fashion photography, she gets hands-on in all aspects of the industry wherever possible.

When she’s not juggling creative work, she spends her time maintaining an old and very temperamental campervan, VAnnie, with the hopes to travel and eventually work remotely abroad and on the road!

My dream dinner party guest would be...Marina Abramović 

Someone I’ve always dreamed of working with is...Txema Yeste

The best advice I’ve ever received life, the only things you can choose are your reaction and your next move

The best prop I ever saw on set was...a massive snake and a swan

When I get a creative block I...make a list and take my puppy on a walk

1x1 Annie

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